One Stop Shop for all your Fleet Needs

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One Stop Shop for all your Fleet Needs

We believe that all commercial vehicles deserve easy access to world-class fleet management solutions.

Connect anything, anywhere in Namibia with Pektech’s range of Teltonika IoT solutions

Teltonika designs and manufactures high-quality Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions that opens a whole new world of possibilities, all using an infrastructure that’s already in place and accessible in almost 100% of Southern Africa – the existing 3G/4G mobile networks. Teltonika is divided into three visions, Teltonka Networks, Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Smart Autonomous solutions. The Teltonika Group is industry-leaders in IoT and their solutions deliver connectivity for a vast range of fixed and mobile applications, from laptops, to cellphones, to small sensors used to monitor things such as gas levels, vehicle tracking, temperature, soil moisture levels and much more.

Fleets move our World, We help them move safely and efficiently.

Live Asset Tracking

Bird's-eye view of entire fleet on a google maps landscape

Fuel tracking & theft protection

Identify Fuel theft, immobilize vehicle, digital locks

Expense & Maintenance Management

Monitor cash expenditure; track maintenance schedule

Route deviations

Eliminate route deviations

Real-time Alerts

Alerts for Geofence Entry/Exit, Stoppages, Delays, over-speeding etc.)

Analytics and Reporting

Trip logs, holistic trip tracking, custom reports, video playback

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